Bedphones Sleep Headphones

By: on April 23, 2015
Bedphones Sleep Headphones

If you're hesitant to surround yourself in pillowcase sound, you can still lull yourself to sleep to the melodic harmonies of Boyz II Men without disturbing your bedmate or the very large Samoan man sitting next to you on the airplane with these Bedphones. Bedphones are ultra-thin, cushioned headphones that lie flat against your ears for comfortable use while sleeping, or otherwise resting the side of your head against a surface.

Bedphones include a single-button remote that enables playing, pausing, and skipping tracks. They also have available a free app that will automatically shut off your tunes or book on tape when you doze off. The headphones come in a travel case that also contains a satin eye mask to help you further escape the outside world.

Bedphones are up for grabs in the Dude Exclusives online store for 33% off retail value for a limited time.