BatteryBox Portable MacBook Charger

Posted: March 11, 2015
BatteryBox Portable MacBook Charger

What's in your box? Your stash? A campfire? A Gaga? Aw, just a battery? Well, does it at least contain enough power to give an additional 6 hours of life to my MacBook Pro? Alright then, I guess I'm still mildly interested.

The BatteryBox is a 2" x 3.5" x 2.5" powerhouse designed specifically to power MacBooks, with an second port primed for charging any other USB-compatible device (Apple or otherwise) in tandem. A custom MacBook cord is included to serve as a direct line from the charger to your laptop, with the box itself capable of adding up to 13 hours of battery life to a MacBook Air and 5 to 7.4 hours to a MacBook Pro. A built-in battery OS function enables the BatteryBox to hold a higher capacity, as well as resist degrading over time.

The BatteryBox package includes 1 x black BatteryBox unit, 4 x SnapFit connector clips; an a gold-plated micro-USB cable. Additional charging specs for other devices: +22 hours for iPad Air 2, +25 hours for iPad Mini; +75 hours for iPhone 6; +50 hours for Samsung Galaxy S5; and +127 hours for Nexus 5.

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