BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer

By: on March 14, 2015

Get BACtrack Mobile, a smartphone-attached breathalyzer and app, as it blows through Dude Exclusives at 57% off retail value.

BACtrack would like to help us stop driving drunk. And dialing drunk. And texting drunk. And--hello, new kid on the block--Tindering drunk. I know. We're supposed to know better than to do these things on our own. And normally I do. Right up until that fourth gin & tonic....

Cornelius, dude, seriously, gimme the keys. I'm fine. I'm FINE. I just met this HOT ASS CHICK on Tinder and she wants to celebrate Hump Day. Look.

Uh...wow. Hot? Well...she's definitely...sweaty. Dude, that chick looks like Bob Sagat after a bhut jolokia hot wing competition. You're drunk. Blow a breathalyzer. ... And today's Sunday.

BACtrack Mobile is the first breathalyzer attachable to an iOS or Android smartphone via Bluetooth. As its app instructs you when and for how long to blow, the device's law enforcement-grade fuel cell sensor estimates blood alcohol content. The app can then save results (perhaps for non-driving-paired drinking games...), accept input on what you drank and where, and project when your BAC will return to 0.00%. BACtrack also consolidates its collected data from users around the world to provide statistics on national and global drinking habits. This shows BACtrackers how their alcohol consumption compares to their peers', and what dude in Helsinki they have to beat this weekend encourages them to make responsible drinking decisions.

BACtrack Mobile connects to iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch or Android 4.3 smart devices.

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