Aura Glass Non-Spill Drinking Glasses

Posted: October 04, 2017
Aura Glass Non-Spill Drinking Glasses

Since most of us spin and swish our glasses of wine and whiskey to aerate them anyway, Aura Glass has come up with a (mighty fine looking, I must say) way to do it without sloshing the wine and whiskey all over the table. And - oops - the cat. Approaching wine and spirit consumption with a "new pourspective," Aura Glass' contemporary and functional design adds a stainless steel ball to the bottom of a stemless-style wine glass to facilitate spill-free swirling.

Whether doing it to blend aromas and flavors, or just because we've got the finger fidgets, most of us can't resist agitating our wine and spirits after pouring them. The hefty Aura Glass ball creates a stable center of gravity and rotational axis for swirling adventures. According to its creators, the Aura Glass won't let a drop of liquid fly past its razed fine rim, even with a full pour.

Aura Glassware is made of lead-free glass. The steel balls set glasses at a tilt on flat surfaces, and allow for full 360-degree spins with a light nudge. Aura Glass also sells coasters that complement the glasses with a hole in the middle if you want to set, store, or stack them upright.

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