Aura Clean Sonic Toothbrush & Cleaning Station

Posted: October 27, 2015
Aura Clean Sonic Toothbrush & Cleaning Station
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Your spaceship has arrived. It's carrying vodka and...a toothbrush? Aura Clean claims to be the world's cleanest toothbrush, otherworldly in both its cleansing and sanitation abilities. I don't know if that's hard or PR-speak truth, but at the very least, Aura Clean's brushing station aesthetics fit the description.

Set up your space station of oral hygiene on the bathroom countertop and flick it on to charge up its sonic toothbrush for a complete but gentle, 40,000-stroke-per-minute washing. Return the brush and stem to the Clean Station when not in use so the tiny aliens inside can dry and sanitize it, blowing water away from the bristles with gale force lung power, and killing 99.9.% of germs with UV-C rays they shoot from their eyes.

OK, the Aura Clean really uses a Drying Mode and Clean Halo circular UV lamp for water and germ extraction.

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