Atmos Orbit Vaporizer

Posted: July 14, 2016
Atmos Orbit Vaporizer

Prepare to be blown sucked away! How did vaping get such a bad rap? When did it become the poster child of hipster ignorance and general loserdom? There are way more a-holes who drink alcohol, or watch sports for that matter, and then act like complete a-holes than dudes and ladies who partake in the vaporizer. I only bring it up because some people do carry the Pen as a tool for good. A step towards eliminating cigarettes, or out of respect for partners and friends who don't want to smell and inhale their smoke.

And, yes, one or two people out there use vaporizers to smoke when and what they're technically not supposed to.

The Atmos Orbit is a recent addition to the Atmos line of vape pens. It has a ceramic chamber with embedded heating element to vaporize dry herbs cleanly, without adding any skunk that isn't already there. The vaporizer has an LED light to illuminate the heating chamber during fills and a swanky leather base.

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