Arctic Monsoon Instant Pop Up Tent

Posted: March 07, 2017

While I'm not sure if this pop-up tent is suitable for either the arctic or a monsoon, I do appreciate that it really does appear to set up and break down in an instant. Well, at least the tent part does. If you want to add guy lines and stakes to your Arctic Monsoon, you'll have to add and remove them at the same pace you normally would. Also, though it's described as lightweight and portable, the dude-sized-pizza-pie-profile of the tent makes me question how practical it would be to add to--or, more likely, strap onto--a backpack.

That said, if you're just a low-maintenance or impulsive car camper, or want some coverage during a day at the beach, the Arctic Monsoon could be a nice addition to your trunk. As a shelter it provides SPF 50+ UV protection and the 90T PU1000mm polyester shell is weather-resistant. A 180g PE mat is also included. They say the tent fits 2 to 3 people comfortably, which probably means it's big enough for 1.

Arctic Monsoon pop-up details: 3-1/2-pound weight; dimensions of 96.5" long x 57.1" wide x 39" tall.

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