American Bench Craft Dual Snap Key Fob

Posted: January 01, 2017
American Bench Craft Dual Snap Key Fob

Originally Kickstarted as a stitchless leather wallet with metal fasteners, American Bench Craft operates out of a Boston workshop filled with hand tools and traditional techniques. Brothers Jason and Chris developed and oversee the fabrication process of everything from the original wallet line to belts and bracelets to the Dual Snap Key Fob you see here. Everything that leaves the American Bench Craft address has been cut, stamped, riveted and finished manually, and with America muscle.

The Dual Snap Key Fob consists of a square of black or brown leather secured with a center stainless steel rivet--no thread stitching here either. A pair of steel clasps on either end make adding a removing keys quick and easy, plus give you a means of clipping your entire keychain to a belt or bag loop.

The American Bench Craft Dual Snap Key Fob is available for 34% off retail value for a limited time.

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