AirJamz Bluetooth Air Pick & Music Toy

Posted: December 29, 2016
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Pick away at your air guitar and make real music with the AirJamz, a Bluetooth-powered guitar pick that can make riffs and cords, plus drum beats, keyboard runs, and sound effects as you do your best Hendrix charade. Steps to use are threefold: 1) Power up the AirJamz; 2) Connect it to the AirJamz Music app; and 3) Shake your ass (make sure your wrist gets some action in there too.)

The AirJamz pick can play over 100 instruments and sounds that have been programmed into its iOS / Android app, which can also download songs and backing tracks to join in and give you a full band of support. Or you can team up with your friends Cornelius, Victor, and Trevor-James and connect 4 AirJamz to a single device for a completely self made hot mess of a rock out session.

Follow the link above to get an AirJamz air pick for 20% off for a limited time.

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