Air-Fi Runaway Wireless Headphones

By: on November 26, 2014
Air-Fi Runaway Wireless Headphones

I think we've reached a general consensus in 21st century America on the following: 1) Cords suck (unless they're fiber optic cables delivering us stuff like Ludicrous Speed Internet); 2) Bulky and cumbersome things suck; 3) Interacting with other people, especially the ones you don't know, sucks. In subtle style and maximal comfort, the Air-Fi Runaway wireless headphones address all 3 of these contemporary grievances.

Air-Fi Runaways use Bluetooth connectivity to cut the cords and a lightweight design with soft over-ear padding to prevent the headphones from giving you a headache, and also that weird achy cartilage feeling. Even better, when you're wearing them, projecting a perfected blank stare, probably no one will try to talk to you. The music jammers are also packed with a 40mm sound driver with enhanced bass, 15 hours of battery life, a microphone, and a complete set of music/phone controls.

When not in use, Runaways are foldable for crush- and warp-free storage in a backpack or case. They also include a 48" wire for optional use if you want to preserve more of your paired device's battery life. Air-Fi Runaway wireless headphones are available at 40% off their retail value for a limited time from Dude Exclusives.