A3 Aluminum Plate Wallet

By: on July 07, 2015
A3 Aluminum Plate Wallet

One thing I love is carrying a big, fat wallet stuffed with 18 cards and a wad of singles and a cascading plastic album of 3 x 2 photos of my kids Maxim Hot 100 girls. I love how it tests the limits of my belt and makes me look like I have a tumor on my right butt cheek. But for those of you who prefer a wallet with a slightly lower profile, Obstructures has the A3 aluminum plate personal effects carrier.

Minimal and industrial in appearance, the A3 wallet is made of 3 lightweight type 2 anodized aluminum plates. These provide both structure and strength, as well as RFID security for credit cards susceptible to skimming. The wallet's triangle shape enables easy access to bi-folded cash and frequently swiped cards, while a bonus built-in bottle opener awaits to step in when your last dollar will buy you a happy hour bottle of Bud, but not the bartender's willingness to uncap it.

A rolling o-ring mechanism on the A3 keeps wallet contents secure when not in use and makes them quick to grab when needed. O-rings are also replaceable with any available off-the-shelf.

Gather up your Abe Lincolns and get the A3 aluminum plate wallet as a Dude Exclusive--35% off retail value for a limited time.