8x Dual Focus Monocular Lens

By: on June 30, 2017

Zoom in on the discount. This dual focus monocular lens is on sale for $7.99 for a limited time. Use it to gain an 8x magnified view on the golf course, summer hikes and travels, and bird and neighbor watching.

A multi-coated lens adds accurate light transmission to the monocular's zoom. For those already looking at the world through a lens, the magnifier also has fold-down rubber eyecups so you won't clink your glasses against the eyehole.

The monocular's resolution is 13.3", with a 7-degree field angle. Pocket-sized and lightweight it measures 3" x 0.8".

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Rocket Air Blaster

$11.16 from Amazon »

At first I was excited about the Rocket Air Blaster because I thought it was an updated version of the Stomp Rocket. Or maybe a handheld Stomp Rocket that shot its red lipstick right into my friend Cornelius' earhole...

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Snooperscope - Smartphone Night Vision

$139 from Snooperscope »

The Snooperscope is a nifty smartphone or tablet accessory for hunters and fishermen seeking night vision. Athletes seeking to capture their accomplishments in the dark. Ghost hunters seeking validation of their obsession....

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Sacuba Self-Cleaning Sunglasses

$79 from Sacuba »

It's Sweat On / Sweat off with Sacuba's self-cleaning sunglasses. The Aussie eyewear company says they've created a world's first with their frames and lenses that require no cloth to clean up when sweat, dust, skin oil...

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Newcon Optik Sniper Detection System

Sold Out from Amazon »

I read that in honor of Prime Day Amazon is going to be discounting a pair of very highly rated binoculars to less than $120. Oh boy, I sure hope Newcon Optik's LAS 1000 Sniper Detection System is it! These way-more-than-binoculars...

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Beastgrip Smartphone Camera Rig

$139.99 from Amazon »

If the grip is as beastly as the look of this smartphone camera rig, I think we've got a chicken dinner on the table tonight. The Beastgrip Pro is a universal lens adapter and rig system for your phone intended to give...

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BlueFire Waterproof Smartphone Endoscope

$22.99 - $30.99 from Amazon »

How many times would you have performed your own throat endoscopy if only you'd had a smartphone-compatible snake tube camera system? I'm guessing close to a thousand. But if not, maybe there have been other times a 10-meter...

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Night Owl Night Vision Monocular

$188.09 from Amazon »

On the one hand I hate turning lights on when I have to take a leak in the middle of the night, but on the other hand my mama hates it when I miss the bowl. Or use the bathtub just to be safe. If you're like me, or if...

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FLIR Scout Night Vision Monocular

$3,086.15 from Amazon »

Presumably the FLIR Scout is a higher quality night vision monocular than the Night Owl*. To match its price point, which has been increased by...whoa, tenfold. That's even higher than the sevenfold of God's wrath that...

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Bushnell Digital Night Vision Monocular

$279.99 from Amazon »

Well I know I like that square beam HD flashlight Bushnell makes so I have similarly high hopes for their Equinox Z, a digital night vision monocular with 6x magnification. The after-dark locating and sightseeing device...

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LED Lighted Pocket Microscope

$9.99 from Amazon »

Have you ever been out somewhere, and seen something on the floor, or maybe stuck to the back of your friend Cornelius' coat, and thought, Ugh! What IS that? Welp, carry this little LED microscope around in your pocket...

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Camera Lens Coffee Mug

$15.09 from Amazon »

Yes, this is actually a coffee mug. I'll grant you, it is very detailed and looks just like a camera lens, but it really is a coffee mug. It is NOT a camera lens. Don't buy this and complain to me that the photo quality...

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KarbonOptix Carbon Fiber Sunglasses

Sold Out from Amazon »

Have you ever been like, Where are my sunglasses?! Where are my sunglasses?! only to realize they're right on top of your head? Or your face? Get a pair of KarbonWorx's KarbonOptix carbon fiber sunglasses and that's going...