3Doodler 2.0 Bundle

By: on July 10, 2015
Check It Out

Whoa, check out the 3Doodler-ed Notre Dame. That's some pretty impressive three-dimensional drawing. Kind of looks like it's made of spaghetti though. 3Doodled noodles. Yeah....

So some of you might remember the original 3Doodler from its Kickstarter campaign or your 2013 Christmas gift from Santa. This 2.0 version has been refined for performance and downsized to a thinner, lighter (1.8 ounces), and generally more comfortable and maneuverable form. Its essence remains unchanged: scribble freestyle or draw solid toys, models, and jewelry with flowing heated plastic that sets and holds in midair.

The 3Doodler draws in fast and slow speeds, as well as reverse. It takes around a minute to warm up, with an LED light indicating when it's ready to use. This 2.0 bundle also comes with 125 strands of mixed ABS, PLA, and FLEXY plastic in, plus a DoodleStand for pen and "ink" storage.