3D Illusion LED Lamps

By: on March 16, 2016
3D Illusion LED Lamps

These desktop lights are fast becoming this year's favorite double-Ds. It's LED meets 3D when the bulbs are positioned to glow through a grid mapped out on a thin slice of laser-cut acrylic glass. The optical illusion burns bright as intertwined rings or a bloomin', Mother's Day-worthy lotus plant head-on, but turn the lamps sideways and you'll see an equally striking 2-1/2" profile that will consume minimal space on your table.

The 3D LED lights have built-in, energy-efficient LED strips that won't overheat, and provide 50,000+ hours of bright geometric trickery. They plug in to standard US wall outlets, as well as EU outlets with an included adapter. Get your Balby Rings or Statuette design for 36% off from Dude Exclusives.

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