1HYDRO Series Filtration Bottle

Posted: September 09, 2017
1HYDRO Series Filtration Bottle-31
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The LifeStraw started the tubular water filtration trend over 5 years ago, and here 1TAC adds its own twist...off cap and 650mL water bottle to the ranks. Rather than drinking straight from the 1HYDRO's filtration straw, you slip it inside the bottle reservoir. As you drink from the filled container, the water first passes through the straw, whose filtration system pulls out 99.9% of bacterial contamination before it hits your lips.

Take it camping or hiking, traveling to places without reliable clean water sources, or stick a 1HYDRO in your survival kit, and you'll be able to filter yourself some potable water under almost any circumstances.

Almost. Note that the 1HYDRO bottle addresses bacteria living in water supplies; it cannot remove chemical contaminants, such as nitrogen, bleach, and pesticides.

Each 1HYDRO filter can produce up to 1,500 liters of clean water. The filtration straw is replaceable after that.

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