Subaru Sambar 4 x 4 Fire Truck

Posted: May 16, 2017
Subaru Sambar AWD Fire Truck

The Subaru Sambar 4 x 4 Fire Truck earned the nickname "Little Giant, Guardian of the City" when it proved it could do more than be adorable after a 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit Nagano, Japan in 2011. While Japanese Self Defense Forces attended to larger cities, Subaru's first Kei Class Truck darted into smaller villages to provide aid to their residents.

The Sambar 4 x 4 shown here currently lives in Seattle, WA. It has push-button AWD, with a 500cc pumper motor available for another $1,000 if you think you might want to put the utilitarian vehicle to work (i.e., you have a cabin or home in an area at risk of flooding or wild fires; you're going to Burning Man.) For anyone else, a Japanese fire truck that looks like it wants a belly rub will simply be a companion sure to get you as much attention on the street as a golden doodle fresh from the groomer's.

The seller says his Little Giant is in tip-top shape," with an "immaculate interior and very clean exterior." It seats 2 up front and has a third seat in the back for "the fire chief or prom queen to wave to the crowd."

Muchas danke to Mitch T. for the Dude Product Tip.

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