Polydrop Trailers

Posted: April 04, 2020
Polydrop Trailers
$14,495 - $19,995
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It's a road trip spaceship! Polydrop Trailers are geometric campers designed to look and act like they're something from another place, another time.

The Polydrop energy system is supported entirely by a 100W solar panel and battery, including the trailer's heater, optional AC, optional fridge, roof fan, LED lights 12V outlet, and USB outlet. Models come with up to 8.7" of insulation, as well as hydraulic disc brakes and Timbren independent suspension for total comfort both while inside and while towing the Polydrop. Adding to the cozy and out-of-this-world feeling, the Polydrop interior is fashioned after a space capsule, with the trailer's control panel built and placed for easy access from any position on the 48" x 75" mattress.

Polydrops has 4 Polydrop Trailer models available for 2020, each the same 149" long x 65.6" wide dimensions and design, but with different material, layout, and add-on options. All are lightweight and versatile in action, and even the K-20 Fully Loaded Polydrop model weighs in at just 1,150 pounds, and can be towed by most cars.

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