Tarus 2x2 ATV

Posted: August 03, 2016
Tarus 2x2 ATV

According to its Russian designers, the Tarus 2x2 is an ATV made to "overcome bezdorozhya." I don't know exactly what "bezdorozhya" is--it stumped my Google translator--but if the Tarus promo video is any indication, the word encompasses muddy, water-laden trenches, fallen trees, piles of snow, and a flight of stairs. (You'll have to click through to the Motorcycle 2x2 website to see the video for yourself; Russian Vimeo does not want to get embed with the Dude).

In contrast to its stout and beastly stature on the ground, the Tarus weighs less than 200 pounds, plus collapses and partially disassembles for transport inside a truck bed or SUV trunk. Motorcycle 2x2 says its lightness, combined with a slimmer 2-wheel design (versus the 3 or 4 on other ATVs) and a low-height saddle, gives riders much more control and maneuverability on formidable terrain. The short saddle even allows for dropping the feet to the ground for motorist assist along a particularly rough path.

At printing, the Tarus 2x2 was available for commission only in Russia, but the company hopes to have it ready for US shipment by the end of 2016.

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