Stealth Bomber Electric Bike

Posted: April 17, 2013
Stealth Bomber Electric Bike

For a while I thought electricity would be a passing fad like World of Warcraft and John Travolta (twice) but it seems only to be gaining popularity over time. Stealth's Bomber electric bike certainly makes a case for its continued presence in vehicles that would normally require gasoline or manual labor from my legs of steel to function. Well, technically the Bomber still needs my legs (of steel). But only to conspire with its 4.5kW of electrical output to tackle gnarly hill climbs, barrel through backwoods, and generally conquer any type of terrain.

Bomber electric motors can achieve speeds of up to 50 mph in complete silence, with zero emissions. Bikes' pedal power comes courtesy of a 9-speed sequential gearbox controlled by a simple twist of the wrist, and if you ever want to stop riding once you start, progressive 6- or 8-pot hydraulic disc brakes will respond to the request with precise, smooth feedback.

Stealth constructs its one-piece monocoque frames from aircraft certified CrMo alloys that incorporate an adjustable front suspension system with 7 conventional dual crown forks, and a single pivot coil over mono-shock configuration in the rear. Bike charge time is 2 hours.

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