Ronin 47 Motorcycle

Posted: October 05, 2014
Ronin 47 Motorcycle
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Named after Japanese legend The Revenge of the 47 Ronin, The Ronin 47 series of motorcycles consists, naturally, of only and exactly 47 individually built bikes. Each is engraved with the name of its corresponding folkloric samurai.

The motorcycles' path to mythical Japanese warrior status began with semi-humble beginnings as Buell 1125s. Denver-based Ronin Motorworks then bought, stripped, redesigned, and rebuilt a 47-strong lot into the stylized, yet austere beasts shown here. Ronin front ends have a linkage fork layout intended to improve Buell stock chassis handling and give the bike a visually aggressive stance. Fork legs are made of aluminum alloy cast and heat-treated near the Ronin factory, and strong, lightweight carbon fiber comprises the front fenders.

Built for high performance, Ronin 47 Rotax engines generate enough heat to boil the fuel in their frames. To compensate and achieve efficient cooling, the Motorworks team installed bikes' radiators (single core) up front, perpendicular to their airflow. An integrated radiator overflow tank is also hidden away inside the left fork leg.

Additional Ronin 47 features of note include a uniquely keyed RFID chip that activates each motorcycle's receiver under the airbox cover. This powers up its computer and electrical system for rightful rider use. No 2 chips have the same code, and makers hope the lack of a visible key cylinder will deter theft or tampering. The Ronin tachometer and speedometer are housed within a single cast aluminum steering nacelle. Instruments include an analog display for the tachometer and digital display for speed, water temp, voltage and mileage.

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