Outrider Electric Adventure Vehicles

Posted: October 23, 2016
Outrider Electric Adventure Vehicles
$12,985 - $15,985
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Outrider USA's Electric Adventure Vehicles combine the best parts of all stages of my life: the tricycles I loved to ride as a little boy; the powerful engine and all-terrain maneuverability I crave as a strapping 30-something; and the recliner with lumbar support I anticipate spending most of my days in as an old man.

Outrider divides its adventures into city commuter Alpha and off-road Horizon 3-wheelers. Each comes with All Electric, Pedal & Electric, or Handcycle & Electric driving options. The Alpha, Outrider's original vehicle, says it has the industry's longest range and fastest recharge even in its most basic model. The Alpha 210 is fitted with a 2.0kW motor and 1.0kW battery for a 30- to 50-mile range per charge and max speed of 30MPH. The manual-electric combo vehicles provide further versatility in range and use, plus give the driver an option to work out hard enough on the ride to work to merit breakfast at Fried Eggs I'm in Love food truck.

More powerful Alphas increase driving range for use on longer day, or multi-day road trips.

The Horizon Electric Vehicle for back country exploration has a more robust, independent front and rear air-shock suspension paired with its electric drive system for barreling over...and up...and across just about anything off the pavement. The base model has a range of 25 to 40 miles per charge, with the option of piggybacking up to 3 more modular battery packs onto the included single 1kWh. That takes the total range up to 100 to 160 miles.

The Horizon also has a series of modular components drivers can add and remove from the vehicle to suit the terrain they're riding that day. You can get a look of the Horizon in action in the video from the gallery above.

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