LiveMap - Bike Helmet with Built-In Navigation

By: on June 18, 2013
$1,500 - $2k
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Though specifically in development for use on a motorcycle, I'd probably wear the LiveMap helmet while driving and walking as well. Its built-in navigation system and voice-controlled interface allow those rolling 'round the roads of our great Earth to reach their destinations without taking disruptive wrong turns through the Cincinnati ghetto or the entire city of Burien, WA, or compromising safety by continually looking away from the direction of travel at a GPS unit. Also, the LiveMap interface, with its guided turns and distance readouts, images of maps, and heads ups on the nearest gas station and KFC, may be the closest private citizens will get to owning a functional fighter jet--or Iron Man--helmet for the foreseeable future.

LiveMap helmet properties and capabilities about which to slap your grandma:

  • Augmented reality for user-friendly navigation.
  • Visibility through the helmet's visor is always in focus, like that in scope sights.
  • Full-color, translucent navigation images are projected on the visor similar to those in a F-35 fighter helmet. The images do not obstruct the rider's view of the road, don't distract attention, and eliminate the need for a separate display.
  • Embedded microphone for voice control so both hands remain free for driving. The list of voice commands will be short and simple, all understandable by context.
  • Light sensor for adjusting image brightness according to external light conditions.
  • G-sensor, gyroscope, and digital compass for head movement tracking (picture changes according to the view direction).
  • Manageable sizing. While the LiveMap will be a bit bigger than standard motorcycle helmets, it will not make the rider look like Dawson Leery.
  • Powered by 2, 3000 mAh batteries for extended usage between charges.
  • Note: LiveMap will employ its own minimalistic interface, not the Android interface. So no gaming/watching porn and riding, kids!

Andrew Artishchev of Russia spearheads the LiveMap helmet's Indiegogo campaign through July 12, 2013.

January 2014 Update: While LiveMap helmet funding was unsuccessful, thanks to private investors its creators still plan on producing and selling them to the public through the company's Website--follow the link below.

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