Hybrid Race Replica Motorcycle

By: on August 29, 2012

The Hybrid Race Replica, or HRR, Motorcyle is a material science concept racing bike that harnesses the power of 1 million babies, er, I mean the sun, with its thin film solar paint, as well as colleccts clean backup power with its kinetic energy recovery system (KERS). HRR advanced construction techniques and technological implements also aim to enhance in tandem the raw experience of riding, and the warm, fuzzy feeling of not getting hurt or killed while doing so. In other words, this bike is a safer, environmentally friendlier way to make fellow sharers of the road, the popo, and the shit-talking gang of cheetahs that hangs out in front of the 7-11 eat your Ludicrous-Speed-reaching dust.

As much as it is another vehicular exercise in carbon footprint reduction, compMatter maestros Luis Quinones, Jonathon Stahl, and David Stamatis also designed the HRR to "evolve a rider's experience and safety through the use of technology and materials." This means that while the motorcycle's engine package and 6-speed, wet clutch transmission are fairly normalized--well, "normal" in the same way the hearts of DesmoValves Racing and Ducati bikes are normal--HRR systems, electronics, material research, and manufacturing processes explore innovative techniques and experimental technology.

As depicted in the rider's view photo above, the motorcycle's front cowl has an embedded network of solar-powered sensors and "circuit" boards that give constant feedback to a helmet HUD (VISON). High precision optic lenses and sensors process and distribute information for the rider, increasing racing safety to the extent that the rider no longer has to cocoon himself in a shell or heavy protective layer. The feel of the race or cruise stays visceral, and VISON maintains a constant feed of pertinent information about potential dangers right into the helmet's view screen. No one even has to look down at the dashboard.

The HRR functions in both Street and Race modes. Street utilizes a Permanent Magnet AC electric motor that can achieve up to 100kW of power at 9500 RPM, producing around 135 BHP. In this mode, the KERS functions as a power storage system, racking up kinetic energy as electrical power in the rear batteries. The bike's thin film solar paint also converts sunlight to battery pack juice at this time. In Race mode, additional power is necessary, and does come from good ol' gas. But here too, full use of the KERS occurs, now to store mechanical energy, which feeds in when called upon for an acceleration boost. Also when racing, the stored solar energy from the thin film paint fires up VISON race mode features.

compMatter includes a full sheet of additional HRR specs, photos, and diagrams on the motorcycle's recently debuted Website. No word yet on plans or an ETA for production.

Muchas danke to Yanko Design.

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