Gas Powered Mini Trail Bike

Posted: February 16, 2017
Gas Powered Mini Trail Bike
$384.64 - $499
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Despite getting stuck with the descriptor "Mini Bike," Coleman Powersports' Trail 200U and 100U are not suitable gifts for kids. However, they are bomb diggity on fleek bae, or whatever the Snapchat teens are saying this week, gifts for grown ass men that Coleman says will take them right back to their childhoods.

Let's start with the steel framed 200U and its 196cc 6HP OHV engine. It has pull-start operation and a "rugged and proven" clutch, jackshaft, and chain drive. Low pressure tires maintain stability on bumpy off-roads, as well as support a smooth ride. Rear disc braking is handle-operated.

The 100u has a similar construction, but reduced 3.0HP engine and a slightly lower purchase price. Coleman says both Trail models are powerful and gas efficient during use.

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