DP Customs Handmade Motorcycles

Posted: August 30, 2015
DP Customs Handmade Motorcycles

Having a reader like Manny makes it so much easier for me to go on vacation. True, instead of oiling up for my tan and body surfing off the beach I've had to spend the last 4 days getting rained on by a wussed-out tropical storm and bitten to bloody by Florida's entire no see um population. But what I haven't had to do: waste my whole Sunday night crawling around the Internet before finding this perfect post: DP Customs handmade motorcycles. Muchas danke, Manny, for yet another Dude Product Tip.

Brothers Justin and Jarrod Del Prado spend their days grilling, drinking beer, and chasing tornadoes in the Great American Midwest. In their free time, they also build a few bikes. They carry no stock at DP Customs and have no showroom to visit. Every motorcycle that emerges from their shop is unique to the buyer, designed and made to order with "no corporate BS to deal with and nobody to get in the way" of the brothers' creative process.

All DP Customs one-offs begin with a sourced donor bike, such as a Harley Davidson, a Ducati, or a Triumph. Most designs are race-inspired and built with a sanitary, timeless aesthetic, with buyer input during a collaborative meeting to discuss ideas and riding requirements. Once the concept is in place, the Del Prados strip the donor bikes to the bones, take apart its motor, and get to work. They typically hang on to the drivetrain and the front section of the frame, and then re-engineer, custom fabricate, TIG weld, machine, wire from scratch, or replace every other system and component to create what they hope you'll consider the best bike, wingman, and maybe even friend you'll ever know.

Finished DP motorcycles are also sized to fit their rider's height and weight whenever possible.

The bike featured above is DP Customs' Hollywood, a yearlong project based on a hopped up 1200cc V-Twin with a one-off handmade 2 into 1 exhaust. Additional features include Brembo brakes, floating rotors, and Metzeler Z8s.

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