BW650 Motorcycle

By: on April 28, 2016

You might have seen Daryl Dixon riding around your TV on a Classified Moto build. And like their Walking Dead Motorcycle, the company's BW650 is a stylized, sick, and even sexy beast.

Classified Moto makes no attempt at diplomacy when describing the BW650: "The goal was to build something to delight ourselves and infuriate armchair builders with its very presence." And also to make that something safe for aggressive riding both off and on the road. In addition to logging hours of tearing up the dunes at Pismo Beach and spraying gravel on backwoods trails, the bike has also drafted semis on the highway, and is 100% street legal.

Specs include:

  • Doner: 1996 Honda XR650L
  • Front End: 2014 Yamaha WR250R
  • Triple Tree: CM custom billet upper and lower
  • Front Wheel: Honda ATC250R
  • Front Brakes: Honda XL600R
  • Swing Arm: 2006 Triumph Sprint ST
  • Rear Wheel: Yamaha BW200
  • Rear Shock: Progressive Suspension 465
  • Tires: STI Black Diamond (DOT radial)
  • Tank: Modified Honda CM185T
  • Motor: Honda XR650L
  • Exhaust: Full CM custom stainless
  • Intake: CM custom stainless
  • Gauge: Acewell Digital
  • Seat: Custom upholstered waxed canvas and leather
  • Battery: Shorai Lithium Ion

Classified Moto considers the BW650 a Level 5 Commission, or the even holier than Holy Grail of their builds. That means it's rare they'll accept a Level 5 request for any bike--usually just 1 or 2 per year--and that it will cost you. At least $33,000, and probably more. Classified says they start at $33K and "end where they end."

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