Bandit9 Odyssey Motorcycle

Posted: December 08, 2017
Bandit9 Odyssey Motorcycle

On the down side, Bandit9's new Odyssey motorcycle shares its name with a Honda minivan. But on the up, this bike's futuristic black steel unibody and see-through Avionics Display are slick and covetable enough to help it transcend any comparison, and maybe even make you forget the van had the name first.

Bandit9 says inspiration for the Odyssey came from sci-fi films and books (what, no props to Homer?) Its unibody sees the tank, seat, rear cowl, and lights formed as one piece, and then sheathed in a luxury grade piece of steel painted a glassy black.

Odyssey buyers can choose between a 1400cc V-Twin and dual drive electric for their motorcycle's engine. They'll also get Borani rims, Marzocchi forks, a Beringer Aerotec brake system, a memory foam seat covered in Italian leather, and an OLED lighting system, in addition to the Avionics Display. Projected from below the tank, the display guides rides with speed, GPS, and trip information when the bike is running. It disappears when the bike turns off.

Bandit9 has - fittingly - built just 9 Odysseys. Head over their website to inquire about pricing and bike purchase.

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