Bandit9 AVA Motorcycle

Posted: December 12, 2015
Bandit9 AVA Motorcycle
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The things clever boys and girls can do with a Honda Supersport 125cc. Bandit9 motorcycles is producing a limited edition of--yep--9 of their slick silver-bodied AVAs. Bandit founder, Daryl Villanueva, says his company aims to "revive the spirit and momentum of the Jet Age through the AVA." The bike certainly looks like it could take off, and maybe even lift off, with its dazzling steel unibody and fairing. Complementing the mirror aesthetic are a sand casted deer-leg swing arm, engineered rear dual shocks, and a slim seat hewn from calf leather. Additional handcrafted AVA customizations include:

  • Handlebars with bar-end turn signals
  • Naked speedometer
  • LED brake lights
  • Exhaust system
  • Front and rear suspensions
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