Ariel Ace Modular Motorcycle

Posted: June 25, 2014
Ariel Ace Modular Motorcycle-51
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A motorcycle with so many interchangeable parts that it's just as capable of whisking you off into the sunset at 110 mph as it is of giving you a cushy cruise along a winding mountain road? That's essentially what you'll get with the custom builds and bevy of modular components in Ariel's forthcoming Ace. Though Ariel is a recent father to the Atom sports car, the Ace will mark its first motorcycle release since the 60s. The company plans to dole out 100 to 150 hand-built Aces just the way you dudes with $34,000+ like them each year beginning in 2015.

Nonnegotiables on the bike will be its Honda 1237cc V4 engine and drive system (choice of standard manual or a dual-clutch setup with an automatic mode) and a solid billet aluminum frame. From there, the Ace is your oyster. Low-riding cruiser, naked machine, super sport bike--tell Ariel what you want, and they'll add seat, footrest, brake and gear lever, handlebar, tank, wheel, exhaust, bodywork, and finish modules to suit your desires. Should those desires change, all of the aforementioned Ace parts are primed for popping out and swapping out.

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