Akrapovic Full Moon Concept Motorcycle

Posted: December 26, 2014
Akrapovic Full Moon Concept Motorcycle

Akrapovic teamed with Slovenian Dreamachine Motorcycles to design its Full Moon concept bike, a motorcycle that seems to share contemporary pop music's obsession with disproportionately large rear ends.

The Full Moon gets its name from an oversized aluminum and carbon 30" front wheel, kept entirely visible to give the impression of the moon in its full glory. I think the bigger standout here, though, is the motorcycle's sheet metal bodywork, which extends into its pair of modified, custom-made exhausts. Not only are the aesthetics of Akrapovic's choice unique, but the style is also functional--the bodywork's extension is integral to the bike's exhaust system. In other words, the entire span of the Full Moon serves as an exhaust conduit.

The Full Moon is fitted with an S&S Knucklehead 1,524 cc engine, and also features a composite braking disc, automated steering, and hydraulic suspension that enables it to stand upright when parked.

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