Moke Electric Beach Cruisers

Posted: September 02, 2018
Moke Electric Beach Cruisers
$18k - $20k
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Moke. It's like poke, except a 1950s British military vehicle turned beach cruiser, instead of diced raw fish. Also, it's pronounced Moak, not Mo-kay.

West Coast Moke has further reinvented the Moke as a beach cruiser by swapping its gas engine for an all-electric powertrain and some updated engineering - Moke becomes eMoke. The look, though, remains unmistakable with its minimalist dune buggy frame, 4 long-back seats, and 100% weather resistance. The whole vehicle can be hosed down, inside and out.

eMokes are zero-emission vehicles that charge fully from any 110V outlet in 8 hours...though max range on a full charge is only about 40 miles of beach cruisin'. At a speed max of 25MPH. Mokes are assembled in the US, and made with American glass, seat belts, tires, and batteries (10 of the latter per Moke).

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