LoadHandler Pickup Truck Unloader

Posted: March 23, 2019
LoadHandler Truck Bed Unloader
$79.99 - $169.99
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The LoadHandler is a truck bed unloader for DIYers who don't want do-it-yourself to turn into D'oh! I yanked my back all funny.

To turn your pickup truck into a dump truck, choose from mid-size and full-size truck LoadHandler models, and run through a seemingly easy install process with adjustable brackets and a drag sheet. The brackets belt onto tailgates 50" to 59" (mid) and 60" to 69" wide and up to 4" thick without the need to weld, cut, or drill.

Once the drag sheet is in place, you can pile in your rock, firewood, soil, or mulch, and use the LoadHandler crank system and roller bar to dump it back out in around 30 seconds.

The LoadHandler Pickup Truck Unloader has a 2,200-pound load capacity.

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