The SkyRunner

By: on September 25, 2016
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The SkyRunner is an ATV built to tackle any trail. Attach a parachute to the sides of its frame and it becomes a personal aircraft built to take off and fly when the trail runs out. Yep, nothing much to see here.

Redefining the meaning of "off-road," SkyRunner says its hybrid all-terrain vehicle and light-sports aircraft isn't just hundo p dope AF, it's also safe and practical. (That's right, I speak both Gen Z and Helicopter Parent.) Go from barreling over bumps and sand to liberating yourself from them in minutes, in around 450' of takeoff distance. Max cruising speed in the air is 40MPH, at a max altitude of 10,000'.

Ram-air parafoil wing technology controls SkyRunner flight and makes it a safe ride because, the company says, it is inherently stable, easy to control, and resistant to stalls. The ATV body is made form Chromoly seamless air-hardening heat-treated steel tubing bonded with carbon fiber composites. In other words, lightweight + high-strength characteristics that facilitate flight and protect the pilot and passengers during takeoffs and landings.

In-air, SkyRunner uses 2 flight controls: left and right steering via handheld toggles; and a throttle pedal for climbs and descents.

As a consumer, you might consider the SkyRunner a necessary addition to your bug out bag, but its seems like its makers are banking at least as much on the bank accounts of rich dudes looking for a way to impress the ladies. They promote the flying ATV as "the ultimate sightseeing recreational aircraft," and include several promotional photos of a couple piloting their SkyRunner to a secluded forest clearing for a picnic. I would say that's lame, but the girl playing the role of "Lady" is so hot I can't really bring myself to feel anything but a boner about it.

Muchas danke to Garrett T. for the Dude Product Tip.

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