Saleen FOURSIXTEEN Tesla Model S

By: on August 20, 2014
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Saleen, American niche manufacturer of ultra-high performance vehicles, has taken Tesla Model S technology and performance and covered it with their own aesthetic muscle to produce a new look for the sleek minx of a luxury car that sips electricity instead of guzzling gas. The Saleen FOURSIXTEEN debuted at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, and is now accepting orders for 2015.

Saleen's primary focal points with their FOURSIXTEEN version of the Tesla Model S are:

  • Aerodynamics. Saleen has been making fast cars for over 30 years, and they say the electric FOURSIXTEEN can still "drive the streets of Monaco and set records at Laguna Seca" thanks to its aerodynamic design that stretches from a Saleen-crafted front fascia to a carbon fiber rear diffuser. Front aero management vents also help the car maintain a low pressure field during acceleration.
  • Electrified Performance. The FOURSIXTEEN is powered by a 3-phase, four pole AC induction motor and copper rotor, plus an upgraded Saleen drivetrain. It also has a Saleen-specific MAXGRIPTM locking differential so that each wheel will efficiently apply rotational force and maximize traction/grip in performance environments. All of the Saleen-ified components give the FOURSIXTEEN enhanced torque management, track-capable throttle response, and faster acceleration.
  • Suspension. Functional without sacrificing ride quality, the Saleen-specific S4 track-calibrated suspension includes a monotube coilover working in conjunction with an S4 sway bar setup to increase cornering agility. The FOURSIXTEEN suspension system is also available in a fully adjustable configuration so its driver can increase stiffness during a day at the track, and then revert to street settings with simple adjustments.
  • Supercar-inspired Interior. A handpicked leather palette, carbon fiber dash accents, black leather seating with perforated leather accents for contrast and Alcantara suede inlays. While the Tesla Model S is pure class, the FOURSIXTEEN takes class and dresses it with a little Grand Theft Auto. Additional track-inspired exterior enhancements include remodeled front and rear seating that have been remolded into 4 full bucket seats with added bolstering to create "a discerning interior that is fittingly built around the driver and passengers." Saleen tailor-made door panels and a full leather-wrapped dash complete the look.

Muchas danke to Maxwell M. for the Dude Product Tip.

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