Patriot Campers LC79 Super Tourer

By: on December 21, 2016
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The Patriot Campers LC79 is perfect for Christmas Eve when my girlfriend starts freaking out that she forgot the fresh thyme for her stuffing--"and it has to have fresh thyme! It has to!"--and asks me to run out to the store to get some more. But see, the first store I try will be closed, so I'll have to V8 turbo diesel power it to another one. And they'll be out. Damn. Guess I'll have to drive all the way across town to the Costco. Which will have thyme in stock--in a 5-pound bag--but it will be all brown and dried out and no good. No good at all.

And then I'll realize, you know what, screw it. If She-Ra: Princess of Power wants fresh thyme, I'm gonna get her some fresh mother F'ing thyme. GME TX3550S nav system, I don't care if you have to cross snow, sludge, rock, and ravine, take this Super Tourer to the nearest thyme farm! And the LC79, beastly hybrid of on-road vacation camper with on-board kitchenette for thyme refrigeration, and off-road conquerer of any terrain (or liquid non-terrain) its ROH Wheels with Mickey Thompson tires encounter that it is, the LC79 will comply.

The Patriot Campers LC79 has a 100% aluminum body for lightweight, but rigid construction that supports a high payload and towing capacity. Each comes standard with:

  • A new GXL Toyota Land Cruiser dual cab
  • 300mm Chassis Extension (LC79)
  • The ROH Wheels with Mickey Thompson tires
  • EFS Suspension Upgrade to 3800kg
  • Patriot Supertourer Body
  • TJM Barwork
  • Front and Rear Winches
  • Clearview Mirrors
  • Undertray Water Tank and Electric Pump
  • HEMA HN7 and GME UHF
  • Integrated storage, including oversize toolboxes that fold out into a kitchenette on the passenger side

You'll also have the option of customizing your LC79 with any number of pimp-outs to suit specific needs. Examples include a James Baroud EVO tent, an Rhino Pioneer Platform, and ARB twin compressor kit, and a slide-out dog crate for your partner in crime.

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