Mosler RaptorGTR

By: on October 16, 2012
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The Mosler RaptorGTR compares itself to the Bugatti Veyron SuperSport and Lamborghini Aventador. But only to point out that, in terms of power-to-weight ratio, it is better than both of them. (Though in terms of marketing savvy and overall class, our votes go to the Italians). The RaptorGTR is also part of a limited edition of one. Yep, $700,000 gets you a one-of-a-kind whip whose interior smacks of a fighter jet's cockpit, and whose F-22-esque experience is only amplified once the 7.0L V8 engine's turbos unleash their crescendoing jet-turbine sound, and 838hp thrust the overlying 2,580 pounds of metal, carbon fiber, and pimp juice at fighter jet accelerations toward the Mickey D's drive-thru.

At 649hp per ton, the Mosler RaptorGTR boasts the highest power-to-weight ratio of any factory street car ever built--22% higher than the 528hp per ton stats of the aforementioned Bugatti. One lucky, incredibly rich dude (or lady, but come on, it's gonna be a dude who buys this thing, and likely that dude will be Jay-Z or P. Diddy) is about the call the black, gull-winged beast containing a race-spec 6-speed manual tranny with limited-slip differential and a billet side-plate, his very own. Other RaptorGTR standouts include the GTX35 turbos that serve as the focal point of its power train--it is the first performance car to install turbos as an aesthetic feature of the exterior. The impeller, which spins at up to 170,000rpm, is also observable from a low viewpoint at the rear of the car. And apparently, the jet-turbine comparison is no joke. The Mosler dudes repeatedly stress that this wicked assemblage of motorized testosterone is loud. It also appears to attract Asian women.