McLaren 570GT

By: on February 24, 2016

McLaren has always set the standards of reliability, practicality, and roominess in a family car, and the automaker's new 570GT is no exception.


Make no mistake, McLaren isn't trying to compete with SUVs and boat-sized sedans with its still-decidedly-McLaren 570GT hatchback. They're just trying to achieve "the perfect balance of road dynamics and long distance touring capabilities." In other words, they'd like to give drivers willing to drop 6 figures on a sports car the opportunity to drive it more than once a month. (And only on dry, sunny days. When there's not a lot of stop-and-go traffic on the road.) The 570GT is made to drive like a classic Grand Tourer.

And, with a mid-engine layout, carbon-fibre chassis, lightweight aluminium body, and twin-turbocharged 3.8-litre V8 engine, also like a class McLaren.

You will have to make some sacrifices, though. For example, the 570GT's top speed is only a measly 204 MPH, and it takes 9.8 seconds to go from 0 to 125. Puh. I'm barely going to be able to eat Texas BBQ for lunch, and then make it to Tennessee in time for a Memphis BBQ dinner.

But remember, this McLaren is meant to be a cushy, extended ride for mature and distinguished gentleman. Some such 570GT features include:

  • A 7-speed gearbox, than can shift between Auto and manual modes (the latter via steering-wheel-mounted rocker-shift paddles).
  • Dihedral or, since I prefer words I can pronounce, butterfly* doors.
  • A glass hatch covering an extended storage area.
  • A leather-trimmed touring deck, accessible from both the glass hatch and the 570GT's folding front seats.
  • A panoramic roof to provide more interior light and the illusion of more interior space.
  • A "floating" interior center console with 7" touchscreen infotainment system.
  • A rear-view camera. Ooh, so you can clearly see all the cars you'll still leave in your dust on account of driving cross-country in a mother f'ing McLaren? Nah, just for backing up.

*Muchas danke to Kevin C. for the correction from gull-wing to butterfly. Thankfully, both words I can pronounce.

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