Legacy Power Wagon

By: on November 05, 2012
$120k - $170k
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The Legacy Power Wagon. As the name suggests, it isn't new, but with only a handful crafted per year--by artisan auto mechanics at Legacy Classic Trucks in Jackson Hole, Wyoming--it remains one of the truck world's most coveted and collectible. Each Legacy creation is described as "a Dodge Power Wagon on steroids." They all begin as a 60+-year-old Dodge Power Wagon, with comprehensive restoration kicking off the conversion process, and extensive customizations incorporating modern amenities following suit. The finished product, a true manifestation of the spirit of the American West, represents over 1,000 hours of elbow grease.

Those lucky--and affluent--enough to sit behind Legacy Wagon wheel can do so in classic 2-door and 4-door versions, or choose from a Legacy Dodge Carryall, Power Wagon Woodie, Legacy Extended Cab, or Dodge M-37. Most trucks are built to order, and fully customizable, though all Power Wagon conversions come standard with:

  • Complete Stage III Restoration.
  • Rotisserie paint with a lifetime warranty.
  • Modern interior.
  • Leather Captain's chairs.
  • Modern 3-point seatbelts.
  • A 10-gauge instrument cluster.
  • Air conditioning.Custom dash and control panel.
  • Dynatrac Pro 80 rear axle.
  • Dana 60 front axle.
  • 4-wheel disk brakes.
  • Power steering.
  • Long travel suspension with Bilstein shocks.
  • Front and rear locking dIfferentials.
  • Atlas transfercase with 3.8:1 low range.
  • 16,500 pounds winch.

From there, options begin with the truck's engine, a choice of a 426 Legacy Magnum V8, MPI, 425 HP or 3.9 Liter Cummins Turbo-Diesel, 480ft/lbs Torque. Transmissions are available as NV-4500 5-speed manuals or 4L85E 4-speed automatics, and tires/wheels 16 x 8 American Racing Wheels with 1100R16 Michelin XZL; 17 x 9 Trailready Beadlocks with 40'' Goodyear MTR; or 20 x 10 Beadlocks with 42'' Continental MPT81.

Popular Legacy Power Wagon customizations include:

  • Retractable side steps.
  • 5th wheel gooseneck.
  • Integral rollcage.
  • Portal axles.
  • Supercharging.
  • Commonrail Diesel engines.
  • Allison transmissions.
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