Immortus Solar Sports Car

Posted: April 25, 2016
Immortus Solar Sports Car

The Immortus could be the new definition of you and the open road. Because this electric sports car concept was made to step in if and when you and the open road are all that's left. The Immortus is covered in plastic composites, aerodynamic curves and solar panels, a design Melbourne-based EVX Ventures says was conceived especially for a post-apocalyptic world without fossil fuels and rechargeable batteries. Or electricity for that matter. Their assurance: "As long as the sun shines the Immortus lives...."

EVX and the team that designed the Immortus have a background in solar challenge racing, and a desire to commercialize high-performance solar / electric vehicle tech. The 40kW Immortus is their most notable attempt to date. The roadster carries 2 people and some hand luggage over a combined battery and solar range of around 340 miles, at an average speed of 50MPH. Running on sunlight alone (in the right conditions) the Immortus has an unlimited range.

In one piece of copy, EVX says the Immortus can accelerate from 0 to 62MPH in 7 seconds, but in another they say it takes 15 to reach this speed. Top speed is 90MPH.

As mentioned, the Immortus does include a battery and plug-in charging options so it will still run in the dark, as well as at higher speeds in low light.

*I say "concept" because all of the Immortus images available appear to be renderings, not photographs. However, EVX calls the cars a "limited edition" and lists them as available for pre-order. They note each car will be custom-made, with buyers working directly with their vehicle's builder to discuss and personalize the fabrication process. No total number of builds or cost per is listed online. Interested parties should fill out the Contact Form found on the Immortus website.

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