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Posted: Monday, March 19, 2012

Hollywood Wheels for Hire

DeLorean, A-Team Van, Bond Aston Martin, and Shaguar Rentals
  • DeLorean, A-Team Van, Bond Aston Martin, and Shaguar Rentals
  • Star Cars for Hire - Traditional NYC Yellow Cab
  • Back to the Future DeLorean Wedding Rental
  • Star Cars for Hire - Ghostbusters Ecto 1
  • A-Team Van at Wedding
  • Star Cars for Hire - Dukes of Hazzard General Lee

McFly! I pity the fool who lives in the UK, and doesn't get Pussy Galore on the road in one of these famed vehicle replica rentals. Yeah, baby! From Back to the Future's DeLorean and the A-Team van, to James Bond cars and Austin Powers' Shaguar, Star Car Hire soups up England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland's special occasions with Hollywood's hottest rods and most iconic wheels.

Also in the fleet are theme vehicles, such as old school New York City taxicabs, Formula One race cars, and a bevy of British, American, and European luxury and sporty classics. Decreasing the cool factor, however, is the Star Car Hire disclaimer that rentals are not available for proms, bachelor/bachelorette parties, graduation celebrations, or pretty much any event plied with enough alcohol to bump the odds of ruining the vehicle via a head-on collision or extensive projectile vomiting into the 80/20 range.

Still, the pimped rides ripe for the plucking are extensive, and surfing Star Car's Website is akin to perusing 6+ decades of automotive nostalgia and greatness. Funny, no sign of the Knight XV fully-armored SUV, though. Yet....

Product Source: Star Car Hire
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