Gibbs Amphitrucks

Posted: May 30, 2015
Gibbs Amphitrucks

If Gibbs' Quadski amphibious ATV is more drunk college kid than Man Conquers Water for you, then you now have the option to up the ante with the company's new Amphitrucks. Show the highway, the lake, and the stuck up neighbors whining about assaulting nature who's boss this summer with the Gibbs Humdinga or Phibian.

The rugged Humdinga Amphitruck runs like any other supersized 4-wheeler on land. It can carry up to 7 people or the equivalent in cargo, and motor at typical highway speeds. But nudge up to the water's edge, press a button, and watch the Humdinga's dual nature emerge--and submerge--as it wheels turn out and its hull settles below the surface. In seconds you'll be gliding along the water at speeds of 30+ mph. Gibbs notes this Amphitruck model is particularly useful in first responder rescue a supply situations, both in water and on off-road missions that might require traversing a body of water to most efficiently reach the destination.

Phibian, also capable of highway speeds on land and over 30 mph on water, is Gibbs' even bigger boy Amphitruck. It has a pair of diesel engines, each powering a Gibbs water jet on water and a driven axle on land. Road travels enable switching the Phibian between FWD, RWD, and 4x4 configurations. It can transport up to 4,400 pounds of cargo or up to 15 individuals.

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