1955 Lamborghini DL25 Tractor

Posted: January 09, 2017
1955 Lamborghini DL25 Tractor

Hey John Deere, wanna race? Lamborghini's DL25 Tractor can go from 0 to 60 in...never...but any dude who owns one can consider himself the proud possesser of a rare collector's piece, and an icon of Ferruccio Lamborghini's less flashy beginnings in the auto industry.

The story goes that a feud with Enzo Ferrari fueled Lamborghini's transition from farm equipment to sports cars. Lamborghini complained to Ferrari about the quality of a car he'd gotten from him. Ferrari responded with a Psssh! and told Lambo he didn't know what he was talking about. Better stick to his chunky, pokey little tractors and leave the racing beasts to the experts. Then came the Lamborghini 400 GT and Miura.

Well played, Ferruccio.

While Lamborghini tractors never went out of production--Lamborghini Trattori still builds specialized equipment for orchards and vineyards--it's rare that one makes it to the US, even as a piece up for auction. A fully restored model DL25 sold in August 2016 through Bonhams in Carmel, CA for $110,000.

The example has a 2-cylinder Diesel engine and 4-speed manual transmission. It also has a belt-driven PTO for running various pieces of farm equipment, and is said to be in fine functioning condition. Good news for the buyer, who almost certainly bought a Lamborghini tractor to haul crops, wood, and grandchildren around his property, not to tuck away in a garage until it's time to show off to his friends and the dudes at the auto show. Yeah. Right.

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