Bouncie Smart Driving Companion

Posted: July 05, 2019
Bouncie Smart Driving Companion

Turn your bouncy babies into Bouncie teenagers with this plug-in driving aid, location tracker, and vehicle diagnostics device. The smart driving companion attaches to your car's OBD port, and then sends your paired device a wad of information about what's up with the vehicle, including trip histories, driving habits, vehicle location, and maintenance reminders. In other words, Bouncie is the perfect babysitter for kiddos who just got their license, or a new car.

Or neither, but have just been caught partaking in the benefits of both.

Bouncie does require an $8/month 3G service plan and US borders to function (though it works throughout the US, with no range limit). Those using the driving companion will then have access to its data via the Bouncie app, desktop webpage, or through smart home assistants, such as Alexa and Google Home. Specifics of what you can learn with Bouncie include:

  • Vehicle location during drives. Bouncie records data every 5 seconds, and transfers it to the app every minute. Info includes the car's location while moving, and then its final location when parked and turned off. No updates transmit during parked times to protect the car battery.
  • Geo-Circle. Drop a circle anywhere you like and Bouncie will notify you when your connected vehicle has arrived at or left that location.
  • Driving habits. Set notifications for speed, rapid acceleration, hard braking, miles driven, idle time curfew, etc., and Bouncie will automatically send them to your phone when one is activated.
  • Speed bands. Set speed ranges and Bouncie will track and display your drive in different colors for each range.
  • Vehicle health monitoring. Bouncie sends alerts when something is off with the vehicle, or maintenance is required.
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