Crocs Classic Cowboy Boot

Posted: October 11, 2023
Crocs Classic Cowboy Boot
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The Crocs Classic Cowboy Boot. Sigh. Dudes. Ladies. Throughout these pages, over these years, I feel I have already shared every insult, every disparaging remark, every ounce of hatred I have for Crocs "footwear." And just when I thought it couldn't get any worse than KFC Crocs...and then any worse than 7-Eleven Crocs, Crocs has gone and stolen their own title in the Ugly AF Shoe Championship once again.

Crocs Classic Cowboy Boots are a pair of plastic-ass Crocs extended up high, textured down low, and gussied up all over to look like a pair of tacky-ass cowboy boots ready to hit the town in Branson, MO. Well, as long as your trip to Branson is happening after October 23, 2023, which is the day in "Croctober" Crocs will unleash their cowboy beast into the world.

The Crocs Classic Cowboy Boot is a limited edition release featuring a signature Crocskin texture, metallic disco desert embroidery details, and a removable spinning spur on the back. Boots also come with removable Star Jibbitz and Cowboy Duke Jibbitz Croc charms.

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