KFC Crocs

Posted: February 13, 2020
KFC Crocs

I hate Crocs. And I'm not as much of a KFC fanboy as I am a dedicated patron of Popeyes and my mama's kitchen when she gets out the deep fryer. But I have to give KFC Crocs credit for one gem of a KFC Crocs pitch: "Put These On Your Bucket List." Hahaha. That's some funny chicken shit! Gave me a real cluckle to kick(s) off my morning.

KFC Crocs will be ready to take your order in Spring 2020. The "shoes" feature a fried chicken print and striped base, Colonel Sanders approved for both style and comfort. And, no, your depth perception is not deceiving you - those are 3D mini drumstick baubles mounted to the tops of the Crocs. They're callin' 'em JibbitzTM charms.

And! And! The Jibbitz charms aren't just looking like fried chicken, they're also scented, just like the KFC 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog. And if you take a bite, I can almost guarantee they'll taste like a rubber chicken. Mmm, toe-lickin' good.

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