7-Eleven Crocs

Posted: September 21, 2022
7-Eleven Crocs
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The latest sign of the apocalypse? Yes, 7-Eleven Crocs, but not just 7-Eleven Crocs. 7-Eleven Crocs plus the fact that this is the second pair of cloggin' crocs I've written about in the span of a week! In - as the mastermind Vizzini would say - conceivable!

At least the ugly plastic shoe brand's collaboration with 7-Eleven, a brand whose Slurpees got me through high school and that I quite like, is so loud and clownish that it's almost fun. And no one would think you're wearing a pair of seizure-inducing orange clogs with 7-Eleven logos and charms protruding from them as legit fashion. Like the KFC Crocs, the 7-Eleven Crocs are obviously a joke - a joke on top of a shoe that's already a joke - and therefore kind of funny, and sort of acceptable. The Crocs Crush Boot you saw here last week, though...take it away and get it out of my sight!

To launch the 7-Eleven Crocs, Crocs is hosting a Mega Crush Drawing, with entries accepted through noon ET on September 22, 2022. The Mega Crush is one of four 7-Eleven Crocs officially dropping on November 7 (get it, 11/7? Guess they screwed up in design or productions, and missed the 7/11 debut). It's a spin on the traditional Crocs clog with a platform sole, and comes with an array of "7-Eleven drip" to stick in the holes of the upper. In addition to the 7-Eleven logo, charms (akak Jibbitz) include a Slurpee, a cup of coffee, a pizza slice, and a hot dog.

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