Marty McFly Hat

Posted: July 15, 2012
Marty McFly Hat from Back to the Future II
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Here we have the one single thing* Back to the Future II got right in its big-screen predictions for the 2010s: trippy-looking neon spectrums are indeed the current rage. The pillow, the double rainbow hula hoop, and now the Marty McFly ultra-refractive baseball hat. My slight preference would have been a Hoverboard or dead celebrity video waiters, but still, way to go, Zemeckis.

The McFly 2015 replica hat will make all wearers both instantly cool, and infinitely cooler than the oft-imitated puffy orange life preserver from Part I. However, wearing both, throwing in a brown sarape, and doing a Marty McFly Parts I, II and III trifecta for Halloween will transcend all previously established levels of cool, and may even be mind-blowing enough to literally blow onlookers' minds out of their heads.

One size fits all, with an adjustable Velcro closure at the back for fat-noggined Biffs.

*OK, maybe Back to the Future II also got flat screen TVs and rampant advertising right. Click here to see what else.

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