Money Soap - Real Cash in Bars of Soap

Posted: May 19, 2020
Money Soap - Real Cash in Bars of Soap
$8 - $63
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Money Soap! What a genius way to give your favorite graduate or birthday kid the cash they crave, without neglecting your duty as a parent / mentor / naggy Aunt Jan to remind them to wash their hands.

Like Money Duck Soap, each bar of Soap by Nadia's Money Soap comes with a real, crisp bill of currency inside. Also like Money Duck Soap, giving it as a gift for a teen will likely result in one broken, cut, or otherwise destroyed bar of soap, not the increased frequency of handwashing you may have thought would be the clever by-product of your thoughtfulness. For the Money Soap's agenda to play out as intended, you're probably better off giving it as a Father's Day gift for Dad.

One distinct difference between the Money Duck and the Money Soap - I mean, aside from their yellow duck and clear wad of cash physical designs - is that where Money Duck's jackpot is a surprise, you can choose which bills Nadia stuffs inside her bars of hydrating oils and glycerin. Ones, fives, tens, and twenties are available. Sorry, high rollers, if you want to hand out hundos you're going to have to buy a whole stack of soap.

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