Money Duck Soap - Up to $50 in Each Bar

Posted: November 30, 2015
Money Duck Soap - Up to $50 in Each Bar

Know someone who could be a little more diligent about washing their hands? Or their body? Just remember, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Or, in this case, you catch more hygienic kids and friends with cash than pure glycerine. Money Duck Soap is exactly what it sounds like: plain old bars of duck-shaped soap stuffed with real dollar bills. Or five dollar bills. Or tens, twenties, or even the odd fifty.

Maker Woodwick embeds each of its pearberry-scented duckies with authentic US currency. Of course 80% probably contain the $1 note, but multiple reviewers (of both the duck and Woodwick's green Money Bar) report having gotten slabs stuffed with $5, $10, and the elusive $50 itself. Though the bill's presence in the soap is obvious upon opening it, recipients and users will have to wait until it washes down to discover the denomination, hence the appeal as a gift for kids loath to wash their hands, or co-workers loath to take a shower.

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