Penis Body Pillow

Posted: July 16, 2021
Penis Body Pillow
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This Penis Body Pillow from Crochet Moore Co. is essentially a boyfriend pillow for people who don't necessarily bemoan not having the strong arm and cozy chest of a boyfriend, but do regret the absence of a boyfriend's big dick. What? It's true. And, yeah, I agree they could just get a dildo, but unless they're getting the 3" thick dildo from my collection of 10 images I can't believe are allowed on Amazon, it's never going to compare to a 35" long Penis Body Pillow that's made of ultra-soft and huggable bernat blanket yarn.

Another way for the penis bereft to, er, fill their void might be this Crochet Penis Blanket I posted a couple months ago, but depending on how Freudian you are, some may not find it as comforting to cocoon themselves inside a penis when what they really miss is having it the other way around.

Oh, I should also mention that when you buy the Penis Body Pillow you get to choose your head and shaft colors - separately. And the head comes with a pouf of stuffing spurting out of it. Read that line again. It's doubly true.

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